Reaching the Children
The "Children's Shelter" Ministry
The idea for the Children’s Shelter in the
community of Camichines began around
three years ago upon seeing the needs of
many children both in the community
and in the city.

One of the biggest problems facing children
in the state of Jalisco, where Santa Ana and
Camichines are located (and for that matter
all over Mexico), is that there are many
non-registered children. 

Children are born in homes or in patios and
are never given birth certificates.  Parents
are either unaware or don’t care to reg-
ister the children.

As a result, these children are not allowed
to go to school, and, as far as the govern-
ment is concerned, they don’t exist.
The need for a children's shelter

Children coming from these homes tend to have parents, or a parent, that do not care for their well-being.  Many are born to prostitutes, alcoholics or to young mothers and these parents are not concerned with registering or caring for their children.  Children are seen as liabilities when they are little and an extra mouth to feed.  They are often sold to neighbors, physically and sexually abused and malnourished.

With these needs being so prevalent, and with the mandate as Christians to “care for the orphan” and “protect the fatherless,” the Children’s Shelter Orphanage was started.  God brought four children and their needs into contact with the Acosta family.  In working with the Department of Family Services, these children were placed into their home for their protection and well-being.  God had His timing for this work to start as our plan was to start the Children’s Shelter Orphanage, but it was still some time away from being started.
Partner with Eirene today as a "Support Member", working together in the
             mission to change lives and transform communities in Guadalajara, Mexico".

Acosta's vision of the ministry

childrens orphanage mexicoThrough the Children’s Shelter, our desire is to provide these children with a safe and healthy environment where they can grow and develop free from abuse.  They are provided with clothing, food, shelter, education and medical care.  (Because of the delicacy of the situations of these children, we cannot share with you about specific children through this website.  We are happy to communicate with you individually and share with you specific needs if you contact us directly on our contact us page.)

The most important part of this ministry for us is to take in only the children we can properly minister to and care for completely.  In keeping with the slogan of Eirene, “Changing Lives – Transforming Communities”, we want to spend the quality time necessary with these needy children to help them turn their lives around.  We would rather see five children really changed, than “take care of” 200 children that revert to their old habits upon leaving our care or just run away.

Children's Shelter Ministry developments

childrens orphanage mexicoCurrently the ministry is working to finish the second story of the home where the children are staying in order to provide more room for their schooling and provide more space for the children to sleep. 

After finishing this, we are hoping to put up a multi-purpose building with a kitchen, gym, and apartments for helpers to come and stay to help teach children and help with construction projects. 

The long-term goal is to buy a piece of property where homes for children to stay with house parents can be built.  Our desire is that these children can grow and develop in as close to a family setting as possible. 

Enough property is to be purchased to make the ministry as self-sustaining as possible.  This property would allow us to grow our own food and raise our own cattle, sheep, etc.

You are encouraged to be part of this ministry and be part of changing children’s lives, please join as a Support Member as the first step and as part of the Change is Possible program support a child and a project for the ministries development.  You are also encouraged to come visit to help work in the children's shelter and see the child you are helping to support.  Come as an intern or bring a group from your church!
Partner with Eirene today as a "Support Member", working together in the
             mission to change lives and transform communities in Guadalajara, Mexico".


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