Missionary job and mission opportunity
Volunteering your time and skills
The opportunity to work as a volunteer
with Eirene is varied.  Many individuals from
the Guadalajara area help and also short
term volunteers travel from other countries
to live in the community and experience
missionary work.

If you are interested in using your gifts to
volunteer on a daily, weekly or monthly
basis, or with a special project. There
are currently volunteer mission opport-
unities helping in many areas. 

We currently have volunteers in teaching
art, music, English, computers and physical
education at the school.  Our school psy-
chologist is also serving as a volunteer.

If you live locally in Guadalajara you can
then arrange to come visit.
 Once we receive your interest form, you can talk with our staff and the director and see
 where you could be the most helpful and best use your gifts.

Mission Opportunities

There are also many mission opportunities for volunteers to help on special projects as they arise throughout the year, and also many mission opportunities for you to serve during the summer.  Our internship program is offered to develop your gifts, stretch your thinking and encourage you to learn to lead through your service to others.

The best way to find out more about the many volunteer opportunities, missionary jobs, and varied mission opportunities is to first join as a support member, and then select your interests in the Change is Possible sign-up process.  Please click here to get started.

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